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How To Increase Concentration Power : 10 Tips To Increase Concentration Power

how to increase concentration and memory power
how to increase concentration power 

How To Increase Concentration Power: Friends, if you find it difficult to do any challenging work or you are unable to remember anything or your attention gets distracted while doing some work, then surely you need to focus on your work. That means you need to concentrate on your work. We call it Increase Concentration Power in English, which can be increased. how to increase concentration power, how to increase your concentration power, how to increase concentration power in studies, how to improve memory power and concentration, how to increase learning power and concentration, how to increase my concentration power, how to improve concentration power

How To Increase Concentration  Power?

If you are reading this post, it means that you want to improve your concentration, you want to increase your concentration power, then here we will tell you such tips, after knowing and implementing them, you will be able to increase your concentration power. Only you will be able to increase your memory many times. Before knowing the tips to increase concentration power, let us know once what is Concentration Power.

What Is Concentration Power?

We all know that if any work is done with attention, then that work is done in a completely perfect way. This method of meditating is called Concentration. Concentration is our ability by which we do any one thing that we do at that time with full attention. When we give 100% to that work, it is not perfect but perfect. Means we increase our concentration power. It is that state of our mind when we pay attention, read or remember only one thing at a time. It is our ability to focus on important things and ignore other things.

Why Is Concentration Power Important?

Concentration is important for everything we do in life because it prevents the mind from wandering aimlessly in all directions. Whether children are studying in school or college studies or any professional field, it is very important to have concentration power for better results and success in life.

What Is The Reason For Lack Of Concentration?

There can be many reasons for lack of concentration, some of the main reasons are –

1- Having any other thoughts or restlessness in the mind.

When we have some other thought going on in our mind or something that keeps our mind restless, we are not able to concentrate on the important thing or what we are doing at that time. Most of the children are also unable to concentrate on their studies because their attention is diverted to play or some other work.

2- Insomnia

Those people who have the problem of not sleeping or those who are unable to sleep due to any reason, there is a decrease in the concentration of those people. He is unable to concentrate fully on any work. Many people, especially students, wake up many times at night and keep themselves busy on the phone or in TV. Due to which their sleep is not complete. Because of which they are not able to concentrate in their studies.

3- Fatigue and emotional stress

When we are tired, we are also mentally tired, due to which the mind is not able to concentrate while doing any work. Apart from this, there should be some emotional tension like someone saying bad things. Let us have a fight with someone. There is a lot of problem in concentrating the mind in studies even if a teacher or parent beats you or if there is a fight with a friend.

4- Having excessive thinking! Overthinking

It is an integral part of our brain. But if the mind continues to work all the time, it is called overthinking. We understand this by points like, do thoughts always go on in your mind. You can't sleep because your mind is racing. You are not able to take quick decisions because you always keep thinking too much, that means you are not able to control your mind. You feel tired because of the constant running of your mind. So you are a victim of Overthinking. Due to which you are not able to concentrate your mind. To know more about this, read this article “How to get rid of Overthinking!” Must read.

10 Tips To Increase Concentration Power

1. Brain Exercise

The more we use our brain, the faster it works. Brain exercise is meant to strengthen your mind. Just as the body needs exercise to stay healthy, it is equally important to exercise your mind. You've probably heard the old saying "use it or lose it." This saying applies to the health of your brain. Now here comes the question that how can we exercise our brain.

If you have any desire to deal with your psyche, you need to begin by dealing with your body. Do yoga everyday! Yoga not only keeps the body healthy but also helps in keeping the mind calm and focused.

To increase concentration power, playing certain games can help you concentrate. Like – Sudoku, crossword puzzles, chess etc. Apart from this, if you work with right hand then try to work with left hand and if you work with left hand then try to work with right hand. Like writing.

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2. Need to Take a Break

Take short breaks when working late or studying, or take a 15 to 30 minute nap in between. Doing this will charge your mind and after the break you will be able to do that work with full concentration.

3. Eating More Food

By the way, food is needed by all of us, but eating more food starts harming our health instead of being beneficial. Some people eat more than hunger in taste, due to which there is more load on our digestive system and the food is not digested properly, due to which you feel uncomfortable, you also get more sleep and laziness remains. Is. That's why you have to control overeating. Light and postic (light and healthy) food has to be taken, by which you can increase your concentration power.

4. Deep And Sound Sleep

You must have experienced that when for some reason sleep is not complete or does not come well, then the whole day feels tired. The mind is unable to engage in any work. That's why a good and deep sleep will be necessary for the concentration of the mind. Your sleep reboots your brain. That's why it is necessary to take 7-8 hours of sleep. On the contrary, sleeping too much has a negative effect on your concentration power.

5. Meditation

Meditation is very helpful in increasing concentration power. By doing meditation regularly, your energy level increases. When your energy level changes, your mind will become more calm and focused. While taking a break from work, try to concentrate on something unique in your mind, be it a sign, symbol or idol. This is the simplest yoga technique which you can practice anytime and anywhere and improve your concentration power.

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6. Reduce Drug Use

When you take medicine for a minor problem, it is not at all good for both your body and mind. At the slightest headache, you take pain killers, beyond which there are many side effects. You also reduce the concentration of your mind. Taking more medicine affects the liver as well as your brain. There can be problems like excessive sleepiness and lack of interest in any work. That's why take medicine only if it is very necessary. Instead of this, you should take indigenous treatment, Ayurvedic medicine.

7. Not Eating Properly

A balanced diet is very important for our body and mind. Some people eat food either in a hurry to go somewhere or at work, due to which they eat incomplete or very little food, due to which they do not get enough nutrition. Weakness comes in our body and tiredness also starts feeling quickly. Due to this, we are not able to concentrate our mind in any work and there is a problem in understanding and remembering things. That's why if you want to increase the concentration power, then eat slowly, calmly and in the right quantity.

8. Be Disciplined

With discipline, you can do every task easily. Discipline keeps us stress free, and our concentration increases. Because this fixes your time for everything, so that we can use our time properly. In this way your capacity of responsibility increases and your concentration power also increases.

9. Choosing The Right Environment

By choosing the right environment, we mean the place where you work. That is, it is very important to have a favorable working environment. You will be able to focus your whole mind on your work only when you choose such an environment which is positive and calm.

10. Plan

Before doing any work, planning it is very important for the concentration of the mind. If you don't do this then everything becomes chaotic and at the last moment our attention gets distracted and we also get stressed. But when we plan any work in advance, then we can do that work well and with full attention. Means we concentrate our mind for this work.

Some Special Tips To Increase The Concentration Power

1. When you feel more stressed, just sit comfortably and comfortably, and concentrate your mind without thinking anything by closing your eyes. Do this for at least 15 minutes.

2. Make sure to set a time limit for any work.

3. During work, close your eyes for 2 – 4 minutes in between and focus on your breath.

4. Do meditation and yoga daily.

5. Don't do any work continuously. Especially take rest in between on computer and mobile.

6. Eat nutritious food

7. Go for a weekend outing with family or friends.

8. New job new place toy

9. If you are unable to concentrate on work, then keep looking at something (any object) continuously for some time.


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